Registration Fee Waiver

The Fee-Waiver Program is intended to facilitate participation at Annual or Topical Meetings by scientifically and/or technically qualified scientists and engineers with financial hardships that may limit their ability to attend. Generally fee-waivers will be awarded to persons from financially disadvantaged countries.

The fee-waiver program will be governed by the following rules:

1. A maximum of 10 waivers of registration fees for the Annual Meeting and 5 waivers for the Topical Meeting may be granted.

2. Selection of recipients is limited to ISE members in good standing. The criteria for selection include scientific merit (based on the submitted abstract and application) and demonstrated financial need. Preference will be accorded to persons from countries recognized by the ISE to be financially disadvantaged.

3. The fee-waiver program will be advertised on the web site of each meeting.

4. An application for fee waiver must be sent to the ISE office no later than 1 month before the deadline for advance (early registration, reduced fee) registration.

5. Waiver applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

6. The waivers are decided by the whole Executive Committee, taking into account the criteria described in point 2 and any other relevant considerations. The decision will be communicated by email to all applicants (successful and unsuccessful) by the ISE Office at least two weeks before the deadline for advance registration.

7. In order to receive the waiver, the successful applicant must pre-register for the conference and pay the registration fee by the early registration date to ensure that an oral or poster presentation is not deleted from the program. The recipient of the waiver will receive reimbursement for the paid registration fee at the conference registration desk. If the recipient is unable to pre-register, which also means forfeiting an oral presentation, the waiver will be provided only when the recipient registers onsite at the conference.

8. The waivers are valid only for the successful applicant and may not be transferred to another participant.

9. No member may obtain waivers for both the Topical Meeting and the Annual Meeting in the same year.

10. Only applications prepared using the Application Form will be considered (Right button click, "Save target as...").